A total eclipse of the Sun occurred on 30 April, 0059 UT Old Style, with maximum eclipse at 12:18 UT. The Sun was darkened for 1 minute and 50 seconds by a dramatic total eclipse covering a narrow path at most 68 km wide. This was a sight worth seeing, and was visible in northern South America, north Africa, and the Middle East. The partial eclipse was visible from the eastern Americas, north Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The total eclipse lasted for 1 minute and 50 seconds. Maximum eclipse was at 12:18:48 UT.

This is the eclipse mentioned by Plinius in his annals: "The eclipse of the sun which occurred the day before the calends of May, in the consulship of Vipstanus and Fonteius, not many years ago, was seen in Campania between the seventh and eighth hour of the day; the general Corbulo informs us, that it was seen in Armenia, between the eleventh and twelfth hour".

Overview Map

This map sourced from NASA's Eclipse Web Site shows the visibility of the total solar eclipse. It also shows the broader area in which a partial eclipse was seen. (Click on it for the full-sized version.)

Eclipse Season and Saros Series

This eclipse season contains 2 eclipses:

This was the 39th eclipse in solar Saros series 68.The surrounding eclipses in this Saros series are:

Eclipse Parameters

UT Date/time (max) 12:18:48 on 30 Apr UT TDT Date/time (max) 15:04:34 on 30 Apr TDT
Saros Series 68 Number in Series 38
Penumbral Magnitiude Central Magnitiude 1.0191
Gamma 0.2762 Path Width (km) 68
Delta T 2h46m Error ± 8m06s (95%)
Penumbral Duration Partial Duration
Total Duration 1m50s
Partial Rating Total Rating

Note that while all dates and times on this site (except where noted) are in UT, which is within a second of civil time, the dates and times shown in NASA's eclipse listings are in the TDT timescale.

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