An annular eclipse of the Sun occurred on 21 September, 0024 UT Old Style, with maximum eclipse at 15:05 UT. A small annular eclipse covered only 93% of the Sun in a very broad path, 375 km wide at maximum, and lasted 8 minutes and 5 seconds. It was visible across most of Canada, the north Atlantic, and north-west Africa. The partial eclipse was visible from North America, the north Atlantic, Europe, and western Africa.

The annular eclipse lasted for 8 minutes and 5 seconds. Maximum eclipse was at 15:05:40 UT.

Overview Map

This map sourced from NASA's Eclipse Web Site shows the visibility of the annular solar eclipse. It also shows the broader area in which a partial eclipse was seen. (Click on it for the full-sized version.)

Eclipse Season and Saros Series

This eclipse season contains 2 eclipses:

This was the 14th eclipse in solar Saros series 83.The surrounding eclipses in this Saros series are:

Eclipse Parameters

UT Date/time (max) 15:05:40 on 21 Sep UT TDT Date/time (max) 17:57:07 on 21 Sep TDT
Saros Series 83 Number in Series 13
Penumbral Magnitiude Central Magnitiude 0.925
Gamma 0.6669 Path Width (km) 375
Delta T 2h51m Error ± 8m25s (95%)
Penumbral Duration Partial Duration
Total Duration 8m05s
Partial Rating Total Rating

Note that while all dates and times on this site (except where noted) are in UT, which is within a second of civil time, the dates and times shown in NASA's eclipse listings are in the TDT timescale.

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