Digital technology has been a help for many types of creative work, including field recording — but it also brings new challenges, as the computer technology involved intrudes more and more into your workflow. An audio recorder is a computer, with its own operating system and user interface; and though we might try to ignore that fact, sooner or later we will be faced with menus asking about compression modes, bit depths, and so on.

This set of articles is going to try to de-mystify the technical aspects of field recording, so that non-technical people can get past the nuts and bolts to concentrate on what matters — the art and craft of field recording.

The Course

The main content here is a series of video tutorials on field recording. These are pitched at a beginner level, and focusing on the technical aspects in particular. So here is the course itself:

Field Recording: A Technical Introduction

Field Ramblings

A set of slightly haphazard articles on various topics related to field recording. These don't really fit into the course, but might be useful to some folks.

More Information

For anyone wanting to get into field recording, there are many fantastic resources available. Here are some of what I think are the tops.

Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS)
The Wildlife Sound Recording Society, the foremost organisation for recording wildlife sounds. Membership is by subscription, and gives access to a wealth of information including over 50 years of journals; but even the public area of their web site includes heaps of good information on field recording.
Field Recording Group (Facebook)
The Field Recording Group on Facebook. This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the subject. This is a private group, so you'll have to apply to join, but this won't be a problem for anyone really interested.
Nature Sound Recording Group (Facebook)
The Nature Sound Recording Group on Facebook. A great field recording resource particularly focused on nature sounds. This is a private group.

You'll find me in the Facebook groups as Ian Smith.

About This Course

In case anyone's curious about how this happened...