It's always hard to figure out what kit to buy; and asking the internet isn't an easy fix, because no-one has the resources to try out all the recorders, mics, etc.

I give an overview of the kinds of gear you might need in my video episode "Equipment", but without getting specific about which brands. Since I've done various experiments with equipment, I thought I would share my findings. I don't have the time or resources to do real reviews, since I don't have nearly enough kit for real comparisons; but maybe you will find some useful snippets of information here.

Gear Ramblings

The Zoom F6.

Other Equipment Guides and Reviews

Various other people have prepared guides on equipment for field recording. You can find a few of them here:

Gear (Mindful Audio)
An invaluable set of reviews of various items of gear, by George Vlad.
Gear Buyer's Guide (Creative Field Recording)
An older, but still useful, gear guide by Paul Virostek.
What Equipment You Need (WSRS)
Another useful equipment guide from the Wildlife Sound Recording Society.