This page describes how to get FracTest, and install it on your computer.


FracTest is delivered as a Java desktop application. It has been tested on Windows 10, only (simply due to a lack of resources); as a Java app, though, it should run on any moderately up-to-date system:

To run it, you will need a Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE), version 8 or higher, installed. We recommend the official Oracle JREJava Runtime Environment
The official Oracle Java Runtime Environment. [Oracle]
; FracTest has not been tested on others. (The Java Development Kit, JDK, includes a JRE; so if you're doing Java development, you may already be set.)

Note that the package to download is the "JRE", not the "Server JRE". Download and install the correct version for your platform (Windows, Mac, Solaris, or Linux), and install it following the instructions on the Oracle siteJava Runtime Environment
The official Oracle Java Runtime Environment. [Oracle]

Download FracTest

FracTest consists of just one file, FracTest.jar. Download it right here:

FracTest 14.2.8 (latest version)
A Mandelbrot browser app for fractal explorers.
2018 Jan 28 11:30 (UTC)
download size 23 MB (application/java-archive)

Changes in this version (full history):

Installing and Running

FracTest is a fully self-contained Java app. There is no installer, or any installation process to go through, not even un-packing the JAR file — just put FracTest.jar in a convenient place, and double-click it to run it. The FracTest main application window should display. Once this is up, you're all set — start fractal exploring.

It might make sense to create a project folder to work in, and place the JAR file, and the fractal images you create, there. However, this is totally up to you.

On some platforms (notably Linux) you may have to associate ".jar" files with the JRE to get this to work. See the instructions for your system.

Command-Line Running

FracTest supports numerous command-line options. These include the ability to start the app in batch mode, or in server mode. If you are going to use these features, you will need to set up a command-line environment, such as a terminal window, Windows Command Prompt, etc. To test out FracTest's command line, try this command:

java -jar FracTest.jar --help

This will show a listing of the various command-line modes and options which FracTest supports.