FracTest has various settings which can be configured in the settings window.

Settings Storage

Settings in FracTest are local to a session; each session's settings are independent of all others. The application settings for each session are stored in the session's files directory.

The settings are stored in a simple key=value format; in values which are lists, the components are separated by ;;.

A settings file will typically look like this (lines beginning with # are comments, and ignored):

# FracTest settings # 2018/01/19 17:55:23 checkpointInterval=1 checkpointCount=6 contextDirs=D:\Fractals\Analysis;;D:\Fractals\Published

Settings Window

To open the settings window, click the settings button in the toolbar; this is the gear-wheel icon as shown at right. Alternatively, use the menu entry "File" → "Settings...".

The window appears as follows:

The settings window (click to expand).

Each setting has a title, and a "?" icon at the right; clicking this brings up short help text for the setting.

To change one or more settings, simply edit them and click "OK"; clicking "Cancel" abandons all changes made since opening the window.

A setting which is a file or directory will show the current value, if any; and "Set" and "Clear" buttons to change the value. (There are currently no such settings.)

The "Context Dirs" setting above has a value which is a list of directories. As you can see, it displays the current list, and a set of buttons to edit the list:

Add an item to the list. A file selector will appear; use it to select a directory to add. Remove an item from the list. Select one or more items, then click this icon to remove the selected items.
Move items up. Select one or more items then click this icon to move them up. Move items down. Select one or more items then click this icon to move them down.


The following settings are currently defined:

Checkpoint Interval

This is the interval at which checkpoints will be saved, in minutes. A value of 0 disables checkpointing; the maximum is 60 (1 hour).

Checkpoint Count

The maximum number of checkpoints which will be kept. Since this includes the checkpoint currently being written, set this to at least 2 to ensure that there is always at least 1 complete checkpoint. The maximum is 100.

Context Dirs

A list of directories which will be scanned for fractal images to load in to the context database. Fractal views in these directories will be shown in their containment hierarchy in the context window, and can be overlaid on top of the current view.