Moon Blink: A temporary evening blindness occasioned by sleeping in the moonshine in tropical climates; it is technically designated nyctalopia.

The Sailor's Word-Book; Admiral W.H. Smyth, 1867.

Hermit Eclipse

The web's premier resource for all information about eclipses of all kinds.
Now completely revised and re-homed here at

Mud Lake Films

A collection of film-making projects, including:
  • Highland Beauty: A set of beautiful TV wallpapers featuring scenes of the Scottish Highlands
  • Video Technology: A series of videos talking about some of the technical aspects of filmmaking
  • Video Gear: A few notes and bits and bobs about video gear

A Technical Introduction to Field Recording

A series of videos which tries to explain
the nuts-and-bolts technical side of Field Recording.


A Mandelbrot set exploration app.
For fractal art and exploration.

Read about the Journey of Moonrise, and see our pictures, in the ship's log!

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