Highland Beauty

Highland Beauty is a series of TV wallpapers, featuring relaxing, low-key films of the Scottish Highlands and other areas around Inverness. Each episode is one hour of stunning 4k video. Play this on your TV and relax to eight lovely scenes of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Video Technology

Digital technology has been a tremendous asset to film-makers; but while it certainly solves a lot of problems, it also brings new confusion of its own, particularly to people who are not computer experts. The Video Technology section will de-mystify the technology used in filmmaking.

Gear Musings

I've compiled a few reviews, tests, and notes on filmmaking gear. I don't have the time or resources to do real reviews, since I don't have nearly enough kit for real comparisons; but maybe you will find some useful snippets of information in the Gear section.

Postcards from California

A set of video postcards illustrating my time spent in the Golden State.

Test Cards

When setting up digital display systems, it can sometimes be difficult to be sure that your images are being processed at every stage, including display, in the correct resolution; let alone frame rate. This series of test cards is designed to help with that.