Postcards from California is a set of video postcards illustrating my time spent in the Golden State.

The videos are listed below. Both Vimeo and YouTube versions are provided. In general, the Vimeo versions will deliver the better picture quality, due to the infamous YouTube compression; however, Vimeo can have performance issues.

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Nevada Fall, Yosemite

An early proto-postcard — a day trip out to Yosemite, with a hike up the John Muir trail to Nevada Fall.
26 September 2010

Angel Island Fog and Sun

An Angel Island swishblog.
10 October 2010

Sunday at the Bridge

An early proto-postcard — an autumn Sunday at the Golden Gate Bridge.
20 November 2010


A wander around the marshlands of the Hayward Shoreline in the south Bay.
26 February 2011

By Frank Lloyd Wright

A tour around the Marin County Civic Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in San Rafael.
25 April 2011

Google IO

The buzz at Google IO, Google's developer conference, in San Francisco.
10 May 2011

By A Window

A visit to the former immigration station on Angel Island, where immigrants — mainly Chinese — were held before being allowed into America, or sent back home.
29 May 2011

Manzanita Sunday

A wander through the manzanita and madronne on Mount Tamalpais in Marin.
4 September 2011

Fog Fishing

Fog and sun at Battery Townsley, in the Marin headlands, with cliff fishers.
2 October 2011

Mountain Airs

Fog and sun at Battery Townsley, in the Marin headlands, with cliff fishers.
6 November 2011


Two sides of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, in Lincoln Park, San Francisco.
25 November 2011

Fort on the Cliffs

Just a sunny wander around Fort Funston, San Francisco.
24 December 2011

Crissy Spring

A springtime stroll along Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point.
3 March 2012

The Hospital

A derelict hospital in the East Garrison on Angel Island.
12 August 2012

Sunset Bliss

Treasure Island at sunset, with views of San Francisco and the Bay; and Bliss Dance.
24 November 2013

Fort Point Surf

Surfing at Fort Point, San Francisco, under the Golden Gate Bridge.
2 November 2014

Wilder Cliffs

The cliffs and sea life at Wilder Ranch State Park.
26 December 2014

Paragliding Mission

Watching the paragliding at Mission Peak.
8 March 2015