Highland Beauty is a series of TV wallpapers, featuring relaxing, low-key films of the Scottish Highlands and other areas around Inverness. Each episode is one hour of stunning 4k video. Play this on your TV and relax to eight lovely scenes of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The videos are listed below. Both Vimeo and YouTube versions are provided. In general, the Vimeo versions will deliver the better picture quality, due to the infamous YouTube compression; however, Vimeo can have performance issues.

If you wish, you can also find these videos on the Vimeo showcaseHighland Beauty
The Highland Beauty video showcase on Vimeo. (Vimeo)
, or on a YouTube playlistHighland Beauty
The YouTube playlist where the Highland Beauty videos live. (YouTube)

Fall Colours

19 August 2022

Summer 1

19 August 2022

Highland Scenes 1

19 August 2022

Winter 1

26 August 2022


2 September 2022

Highland Scenes 2

9 September 2022

Summer 2

18 September 2022

In The Highlands

23 September 2022

Winter 2

30 September 2022

Highland Scenes 3

7 October 2022

Summer 3

14 October 2022