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What It Is

An eclipse happens when either the new Moon blots out the Sun during the day; or the Full Moon moves into the Earth's shadow at night. In the What's It About section you can learn what eclipses are all about, and how to observe them safely.

When Can I see One

The most spectacular eclipses are also the hardest to find. The When Will I See It section has information and maps on 5,000 years of eclipses, including special pages on eclipses in the UK and US.

Eclipse Science

The mechanics behind eclipses are a little involved, but not too complex. The Science section explains the science from a few different viewpoints, and provides some background on the Sun.

Eclipse Database

You can find out how to access 5,000 years of eclipse pages in the Eclipse Database section, which provides access to the full catalog, as well as special lists of historic eclipses, and a compendium of eclipse statistics.

The Hermit Eclipse Site

Help and information about this website, and information on where we get our data, can be found in the About the Site section.