Total Eclipse of the Sun, Indonesia — March 9, 2016

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On the 9th of March 2016, a spectacular total solar eclipse will cross Indonesia and the western Pacific from 00:15:57–03:38:21 UT. This rare and spectacular event will be seen from a path of totality up to 155 km (96.3 miles) wide, creating a dramatic spectacle for the millions of people on the path of totality in Indonesia, who will see the sun totally eclipsed for as much as 3 minutes; the islanders of Woleai Atoll in the Pacific will see a total eclipse lasting over 4 minutes. A partial eclipse will be visible over much of south-east Asia and much of Australia.

The following pages provide more detail on exactly where to see this eclipse. Don't forget to select your preferred timezone for the timings here. You might also want to check out the other sections of this site for information on what a solar eclipse is; how to observe an eclipse; and the science behind eclipses.

Safety First!
A total solar eclipse is not safe to look at with the naked eye except during the few brief seconds or minutes of total eclipse, when the Sun itself is completely obscured by the Moon. At all other times, and if you are outside of the path of the total eclipse, you must use proper solar viewing protection. For more information, see our eye safety page.